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Shosty Waltz 2 Parts

Adjudication Sheets Band and Orch

Bowing Curves 1 – Double Bass

Bowing Curves 1 – Cello

Bowing Curves 1 – Viola

Bowing Curves 1 – Violin

Bowing Curves 1 – Score

-Do the below Spiccato bowing sheet at the balance point at the metronome markings it says on the page.

-You don’t need to use open strings for these exercises even though it’s written that way. You can put down fingers on the strings and it will still work great. For bass and cello, I recommend the octave harmonics between your top two strings. You can do these exercises between any two strings though.

-The purpose of this sheet is to get comfortable bouncing the bow. Make sure when you start that you start with the bow on the string, not in the air.

Spiccato – Bass

Spiccato – Cello

Spiccato – Viola

Spiccato – Violin

LA Phil National Anthem

NY Phil National Anthem